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2015 Fulbright FLTA Orientation at The University of Notre Dame

The CSLC hosts several Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs) each year. The Fulbright FLTA program, managed by the Institute for International Education and the U.S. State Department, provides fellowships to academically accomplished graduate students who spend a year studying and teaching their native language at select U.S. universities.

CSLC Fulbright FLTAs can assist students and faculty in the development of co-curricular programming, foreign-language activities and tutoring outside of class.

In addition, the CSLC also serves as a principal co-sponsor and facilitator of the annual FLTA Orientation Program organized by Professor Brian O’Conchubhair each year. The University of Notre Dame Fulbright FLTA Orientation Program is one of only a select few who offer the Institute for International Education and the U.S. State Department required orientation for all Fulbright FLTAs entering the country.









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