Bloomsday in the Bend

On June 16, 1904, Leopold Bloom, the main character of James Joyce’s Ulysses, went on his epic journey through the streets of Ireland. Known as one of the greatest works of modern as well as Western literature, Joyce’s Ulysses is remarkable in the fact that its events take place within the span of 24 hours. Thus, every year on June 16, seasoned Joyceans and blooming Bloomites alike gather together across the globe to celebrate Bloom’s trek around Dublin.

Although Notre Dame boasts of being the home of not only the Fighting Irish but cutting-edge Irish scholarship, we have yet to host a Bloomsday event in honor of one of the most famous Irish texts of all time.

Joyce imagined his work’s audience to be the everyman and everywoman. Because of this, the CSLC encourages everyone to attend, from individuals who have read the book ten times to those who are interested in just knowing a little bit more about this Joyce fellow. Come, bring your family, and have fun celebrating one of the greatest works of Western literature.

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EAP Workshop: Work-Life Balance

Author: Ryne Clos

A career in academics is a uniquely challenging one, because there are no set hours when one is “on-the-clock” and when one is not. When are we not working? An academic career can take up all of your time, if you allow it to. This is obviously a poor choice. This workshop will discuss ways in which you can find time for your family, for your social life, for your community, for vacation, and for any other demands that you need to fit into your schedule, while maintaining a productive and successful academic career. Work-life balance is crucial to your health and happiness and it will actually make you a more productive member of the academy, too. If you missed the workshop, you may access the Powerpoint slides here

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EAP Workshop: Academic Job Interviews

Author: Ryne Clos

The academic job search is a difficult process. It is pitiless and impersonal, governed more by conventional standards than by any specific concerns of the job or the applicants. While this can make the process intimidating, it also means that most academic job interviews—no matter the university or the discipline—are more or less the same. This workshop will take advantage of this predictability, allowing you to understand the interviewing process as well as providing you with strategies to thrive during your interviews. If you missed the workshop, you may access the slides here

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EAP Workshop: Revising, Editing, and Online Writing Tools


Location: 302 DeBartolo Hall

For most of us, the most challenging step in producing a publication-worthy piece of writing comes in the revision process. What are the best practices for improving an already-written article or chapter? How should you make best use of the commentary and feedback you receive from peers and faculty? This workshop will answer these questions while also discussing various online writing tools that can aid in the process.…

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