7 ND Students Affiliated with the CSLC Receive Fulbright Awards

Author: Allegra Wallingford

This year, a record-breaking 38 Notre Dame students and alumni were granted Fulbright Awards to study abroad for the 2017-18 year. Fulbright recipients are able to conduct research or teach languages abroad. Seven of this year's thirty-eight recipients were affiliated with the CSLC before graduating, either as tutors or students taking TESOL courses. Read on to see what these graduates will be up to next year!

Dana Drysdale: Dana worked as an EAP tutor and took TESOL and Korean courses while at Notre Dame. She will spend the next year teaching English in South Korea.

Ashley Edewaard: Ashley was an SLA (Summer Language Abroad) grant recipient and will use her Fulbright award to study and conduct research in Germany.

Madeline Hahn: Madeline worked as a peer tutor in the CSLC before graduating, and will be teaching English in Spain next year.

Maya Jain: Maya took TESOL courses while at Notre Dame and will be teaching English in Peru next year.

Dolores Vargas: A former German tutor at the Center, Dolores will be teaching English in Germany in the coming year.

Hansel Weihs: Hansel worked as a desk staff and media team member at the CSLC, and will be teaching English in South Korea next year.

Peter Stankiewicz: A former Russian tutor at the Center, Peter will spend the next year teaching English in Russia.