Dean's Message

"The Center is a long held dream within the College of Arts and Letters. It began with Ursula Williams, twenty-five years ago. The vision is making language learning more central at Notre Dame, and we do that for two reasons. 1) As a Catholic university, Catholicism is the most multilingual multicultural institution in the world, and we think language learning should be the center of the Notre Dame student's education. It's absolutely core not just to ND as a university, but core to ND as a Catholic university. So, know that what you're doing is very connected to that. 2) We believe that the distinguished alumni of the future, the citizens that can really make a difference in the world, are not going to be monolingual; they're going to have some serious capacity to read, write, and think in a language beyond English. And if we can give that to our students, I'm not sure if there is anything more important that we can do."

-Dean John McGreevy