Meeting Rooms

  • The Multipurpose Room (located in the CSLC, 329 Debartolo) holds 24 persons seated at two-person tables or approximately 35 in auditorium seating. It is available during all CSLC hours of operation. 
  • DeBartolo classrooms 301-303 (located across the hall from the CSLC) hold approximately 20. These classrooms are available beginning at 5pm Monday through Thursday. 
  • Due to limited availability, individual faculty members are limited to eight reservations per semester without prior approval from the CSLC Director.
  • Please arrive several minutes before your event and check-in at the main desk. A staff member will assist you with set-up.
  • If you have special technological needs that may take extra time to prepare, please indicate this in your reservation notes and call to confirm with a staff member as the room may not be available until the precise time of your reservation.
  • To reserve the Multipurpose Room, or to cancel a reservation, please email