Student Organization Partner Program

The Community Language Bank


The CSLC is a sponsor and volunteer recruiter for the St. Joseph chapter of the American Red Cross Community Language Bank project. The CLB provides assimilation programs and foreign language translation and interpretation services to refugees in the South Bend area. Most of the refugees in the community are Iraqi, so advanced Arabic speakers are especially encouraged to participate. Learn how you can help below:

Family Friend and Job Coaching
  • Family Friend program: Help refugee families integrate into American culture with the aid of an American friend
  • Job Coaching: Help a job-seeking refugee with job-seeking skills (filling out applications, creating a resume)
  • Two Notre Dame volunteers work together with a family once a week
  • Volunteers mostly help clients with conversational English, but may also help with other day-to-day activities such as filling out a check or demonstrating how to use Transpo
  • Time commitment: 1.5 – 2 hours each week
  • No language requirement, but Arabic is preferred
  • Volunteers must provide their own transportation
Translation and Interpretation Services
  • Volunteers act as translators or interpreters for clients
  • The CLB is often contacted to assist with interpretation or translation projects for various languages. If you have a high level of proficiency in ANY language and would like to be included in the database to help with future projects, please fill out this short form: Click for Short Form
  • Volunteers proficient in less commonly spoken languages are especially needed (eg. Punjabi, Swahili, and Urdu speakers)
  • CLB Directors: Patrice Zigrossi ( and Nestor Agbayani ( Please also fill out the Community Language Bank Form.
  • Refugee Services ARC: Anton Murra (