Reading Groups and Book Clubs


Book Lovers - Looking for a way to improve your diction and grammar in a foreign language? Or a simple way to work on your foreign language skills? Check out the current academic reading groupscasual book clubs, and extensive reading groups. We encourage you to join in!

Academic Reading Groups

Academic Reading Groups will move at the pace of one book or a few articles per semester, working through the text paragraph to paragraph to help build participants' vocabulary and familiarity with the target language's syntax. Typically, Reading Groups are taken for university credit.

Descriptions of Past Reading Groups

Book Clubs

Book clubs are casual groups for students, faculty, and staff as well as their family who are interested in reading works of fiction in a foreign language. The ideal reading pace would be one book per month; but the group is free to design their own schedule and pick what novels they would like to read.

Descriptions of Past Book Clubs

Extensive Reading 

Extensive Reading is an approach in which foreign language students read books in the target language for students' own pleasure and at a difficulty level appropriate for rapid reading without the need for translation. The CSLC sponsored the 2015 Extensive Reading Conference.