Canvas Resources for Faculty and Grad Students

These resources are designed to help language faculty and teaching assistants maximize learning for students using the Canvas Learning management platform.

CSLC Training and Workshops

The following links include presentations\ and slide decks that are designed to give step-by-step instructions for course management task

Introduction to Canvas

In this workshop, presented on August 1, 2021, attendees were introduced to the Canvas Learning Management System. The workshop provided:

  • How to set up a sandbox course for experimenting and development
  • Illustration of the components of the Canvas interface and navigation
  • How to locate resources for help, including the HELP corner and other options
  • Basic course mapping and course management throughout the semester
  • How to set up notification settings

Additional resources at the above-referenced hyperlink include:

  • Step-by-step guide slide deck
  • Information about the Free for Teachers Canvas platform
  • Adding a profile image
  • Best practices for course navigation
  • Canvas mobile guides
  • Notre Dame resource links

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The Canvas Home Page

In this 30-minute workshop, participants learned how to engage their students from the first day of class with course content with a well-designed home page. Topics covered included:

  • Creating and inserting a banner image for the course home page
    • Creating a banner with Adobe Spark
  • Adding a link to the course syllabus
  • Inserting class Instructor Information
  • Add a welcome message
    • creating a video introduction with Canvas media tools
  • Inserting a video welcome message
  • Adding a text welcome message
  • Formatting text
  • Adding hyperlinks to pages

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A step-by-step guide is available at the link above.

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Creating and Setting Up a Canvas Course

In this workshop, presented on August 3, 2021, attendees were introduced to setting up the Canvas course. This workshop covered:

  • The Course Import Tool to add content from previous courses
  • Design and layout options for the course Home Page
  • Publishing a course
  • Design for mobile learning and teaching with the Canvas app

Additional resources at the above-referenced hyperlink include:

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Course Content and Layout

In this workshop, attendees were introduced to customizing course content, such as:

  • Adding, managing, and accessing files in a Course
  • Connecting pedagogical style and learning objectives to course design
  • Creating and organizing pages
  • Organizing and creating folders for a topic area

Additional resources at the above-referenced hyperlink include:

  • Step-by-step slide deck guide
  • Example course layouts
  • Sample Course Mapping Guide

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Structuring Learning Modules

In this workshop, attendees were introduced to creating and organizing modules in a Canvas course. Please note that this link includes a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about musing, creating, and managing modules in Canvas. The workshop demonstrated:

  • The purpose of learning modules in content organization and student learning paths
  • Layouts for campus-based methods of teaching
  • Features of a learning module
  • Adding and organizing modules and content

Additional resources at the above-referenced hyperlink include:

  • Step-by-step slide deck guide
  • Example course layouts
  • Sample Course Mapping Guide

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Creating Quizzes and Gradebook Management

This workshop introduced attendees to importing and creating quizzes in Canvas. Topics covered included:

  • Creating questions
  • Importing questions from files
  • Creating questions including types of questions, randomizing
  • Applying settings to questions/answers
  • Student view and preview quizzes
  • Viewing submissions and SpeedGrader

Additional resources found in the above hyperlink include:

  • A presentation slide deck
  • Migrating from Sakai
  • SpeedGrader Overview
  • Step-by-step guide to import quizzes from a .csv file 

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Other Resources

  • OIT Canvas Tutorials  - For users at the University of Notre Dame, compiled by Notre Dame Learning and the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) Teaching and Learning Technologies unit. These tutorials provide quick directions on how to add content and utilize the tools in your course. 
  • ND Learning/Teaching: Canvas Faculty Onboarding Resources - A curated collection of Canvas Tutorials compiled by ND Learning and OIT.
  • Canvas@NotreDame - Workshops, templates, and resources provided by OIT and ND Learning 
  • Teaching Well With Canvas Course - This Canvas Course is a cohort-based professional development experience that helps faculty to engage with learning content on Canvas as a student. Includes an interactive discussion with others on campus.

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CSLC Instructional Support

The CSLC provides a variety of programs and services to support language teaching and technology integration, including instructional design, trending technology tools, and technology support. The CSLC also offers support for instructors in developing new course content or revising existing course development. Our Instructional Designer, Maureen Hogan, can meet with faculty to discuss:

  • Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  • Mapping Course Content

  • Content Curation and Organization

  • Formative and Summative Assessments

  • Multimedia Development

  • Integration of Educational Technology Tools

  • Interaction and Communication Strategies

  • Student Engagement

To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, contact Maureen at, or call 574-631-5881.

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