Conference Support

The CSLC can provide support to foreign language faculty interested in holding a conference or symposium on language acquisition theory or pedagogy. Before requesting funds, please note the funding policy below.

CSLC Conference Policy

For CSLC sponsored academic conferences the CSLC provides:

  • funding in the amount confirmed in writing (to be approved by the director)
  • all receipts need to be submitted together within 2 weeks of the conference end date
  • poster and program design and printing using the CSLC printer
  • final information for poster must be given 1 month in advance and
  • final information for program must be given 2 weeks in advance
  • printing through DCL, Kinkos, etc. must be arranged and paid for by the faculty member
  • non-professional video recording by a trained CSLC student
  • according to student availability and must be reserved 2 weeks in advance
  • non-professional photography
  • according to student availability and must be reserved 2 weeks in advance
  • space in 329 DeBartolo and 301, 302, 303 (M-Th after 5 p.m.)
  • according to room availability and must be reserved 1 month in advance
  • promotion on the CSLC website and CSLC social media outlets

CSLC does not provide:

  • conference organization support, including:
  • coordination of guest speakers
  • travel reservations (faculty members should liaise with Anthony Travel)
  • transportation to/from airport (faculty are responsible for this)
  • conference publicity, including:
  • promotion (internal and external)
  • custom website creation
  • student helpers/volunteers (faculty should recruit from their own students)
  • reservation of non-CSLC facilities, equipment, or services