The Ursula Williams Faculty Fellowship

Offered by the CSLC and the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, the Ursula Williams Faculty Fellowship is a one-semester Fellowship for Professional Specialists in the College of Arts and Letters that focuses on Second Language Acquisition, Technology and Pedagogy.

The Fellowship Entails:

  • A course release for the semester of the Fellowship. This course-release time, approximately 8-10 hours a week, should be devoted to working on Fellowship-related materiel.
  • Working closely with CSLC and Kaneb staff over the course of a semester to deepen and enrich the Fellow's understanding of technologies, approaches, and best practices in second language acquisition.
  • Producing an e-Portfolio containing ten (10) artifacts, reflections, and observations related to teaching with technology.
  • Developing and completing a research project or a scholarship of teaching and learning study focused on an aspect of the Fellow's own teaching practice. 
  • Proposing an abstract and, if accepted, presenting a project at The Midwest Conference of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning at IUSB in April. 
  • Attending a conference on college teaching within 6 months of the Fellowship (funded up to $700). The CSLC highly recommends the Wakonse Conference on College Teaching in May.

Application Includes:

  • One-page explanation of how the Fellowship will enhance the applicant’s teaching
  • A brief statement of teaching philosophy
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of support from the relevant Department Chair agreeing to a course release if the application is successful

To apply, please send your application materials to Prof. Brian Ó Conchubhair, Director of the CSLC, by March 16, 2020.


Past Recipients' Video


Schedule Overview

Weeks 1 & 2: Introductions

Discuss the Fellow’s teaching philosophy and desired learning outcomes for the Fellowship program as well as introduce ePortfolio (where participants will store artifacts and reflections) and the final Research Project (which will follow the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) model).

Week 3-6: Technology Workshops

The Fellow will learn about four different types of technology and how they can be used in the language classroom. For these four technology workshops, the Fellow will 1) meet with a designated resource person for an overview and tutorial of the technology, 2) complete a series of assigned tasks associated with the technology, 3) imagine potential best practices using the technology for teaching and learning, and 4) produce a digital artifact (text, sound, image, video, etc.) to be stored in the Fellow’s ePortfolio.

Fellows may select from various topics, including,

  • Presentations (Prezi, Powerpoint, Slideshare, etc.)
  • Video & Audio (Screencasting, Dubbing, Subtitling, etc.)
  • Mobile Devices
  • Gaming Technology
  • Social Media
  • Data Visualizations
  • Sakai 
  • Or Another Topic Suggested by Applicant and Approved by Director of the CSLC

Week 6

Draft a research project in consultation with a Kaneb/CSLC adviser

Week 7-9: Guided-Study in Pedagogy Topic

The Fellow will investigate three different topics related to pedagogy and how they apply to the language classroom. For these guided-studies, Fellows will 1) read an assigned article, 2) meet with a mentor to discuss the topic and formulate a follow-up activity, and 3) complete activity and post either an artifact or a reflection in the Fellow's ePortfolio

Fellows may select from the following topics:

  • Remix: Creating Media-Rich Assignments
  • Online Teaching and Learning
  • Effective & Efficient Grading 
  • Mobile Assisted Language Learning
  • Understanding ACTFL  
  • Communicative Learning Strategies 
  • The Affective Filter in Second Language Learning 
  • Revising Your Teaching Philosophy to Include Technology

Week 10-12: Language Course Observations

Fellows will observe three language classes and report on the strategies in use. 

Week 14 & 15

Final review of research project and ePortfolio in consultation with Kaneb/CSLC adviser

Finals Week

Present Final Project to CSLC Staff, Kaneb Staff and home Department Chair and DUS


Spring Semester Following Fellowship

Attend Conference on College Teaching

Submit a Proposal to Midwest Conference on the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (IUSB)

Attend and, if accepted, Present at the Midwest Conferenceon SoTL