Multimedia Services

The CSLC provides the following multimedia services and research to facilitate foreign language learning. Contact to schedule a consultation.

Video Production

Our staff is trained on several video programs, including Final Cut Pro, iMovie (Mac platforms), and Movie Maker (PC platforms) to edit and produce foreign language videos. We produce Center videos as well as train and work with students and faculty on video projects. Video projects include the following:

  • Preparing video clips for specific courses--The finished products are uploaded to Sakai and Notre Dame Box. Access to these clips is carefully managed, permitting only to students of the specific courses during a given semester.
  • Voice-overs and text captions over video clips--We provide training, workshops, and a professional video hosting service for these multimedia projects.
  • Video projects using camcorders--We provide portable video recording devices and train students on how to use them, download videos, and edit video narratives for course assignments.
Event Services

Though we often initiate foreign language and cultural events, we encourage partnerships with various units across campus to develop and organize special events. Our goal is to provide meaningful and engaging events to facilitate language learning. With this goal in mind, we provide assistance with the following for foreign language departments:

  • Promotion of events via online, email, poster and video design
  • Photograph and record events* (depending on the availability of a student worker)
  • Assist departments on managing and publishing multimedia content
Online Voice Recording

Instructors can use a number of web-based voice recording websites for oral pronunciation practice. We research online recording tools that best facilitate oral practice and train students and faculty on them. These include SoundCloud and mobile recording.

Foreign Language Blogs & Wikis

In addition to managing our own foreign blogs and wikis, we procure and manage blog and wiki accounts for foreign language departments for specific courses. We also provide training and workshops on how to use them.