Bloomsday 2016

On June 16, lovers of James Joyce's Ulysses gathered to celebrate at the 3rd annual "Bloomsday in the Bend" event, directed by the CSLC's own Denise Ayo. Literature afficionados read excerpts from the classic while enjoying coffee and good eats at the Chicory Cafe in South Bend.

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God, countries, Notre Dame: Eleven Fulbright foreign language ambassadors arrive on campus

Author: Nicolle Ho

Flta 2017
Left to right: Rossana Luna (Brazil), Mamiko Tokuda (Japan), Han-Wen Hsu (Taiwan), Valentina Kurenshchikova (Russia), Gunes Tunc (Turkey), Seaghan Mac an tSionnaigh (Ireland), Charlotte Friederike (Germany), Gourab Ghosh (India), Thao Nguyen (Vietnam), Raghdaa Abouserie (Egypt), Silvia Junde (Tanzania)

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