Considering Culture in Your EFL Classroom: Perspectives about Teaching Abroad


Location: 302 DeBartolo Hall


If you are considering teaching English to foreigners you are most likely a culturally aware person. This a first and important step to successfully teaching English to foreigners. However, especially when teaching abroad, we must think more critically about how said culture will affect teaching and learning objectives both inside and outside the classroom.

Mia Aigotti will present her insights regarding teaching abroad to an EFL audience based on her experiences living and working in Mexico for the last two years which will also be accompanied by contributions from a peer currently teaching in Japan. Aigotti will reinforce these ideas with 5 previous years experience teaching multilingual and multicultural ESL classrooms in the United States.

The goal of this lecture is to encourage students to consider teaching abroad while also examining the difficulties and rewards of such a venture. This lecture should probe students to look deeper into how culture and the EFL classroom can collide.