A Conversation About Conversations with Monica Jancha


Location: Online (via Zoom)

Monica Jancha
Monica Jancha

What is a conversation exchange? While there are many apps that use AI to teach language to learners, the confidence that comes from interacting and conversing with a native language speaker can only be accomplished by having a real conversation with a native language speaker. Notre Dame professor Monica Jancha understands this and while looking for a way to extend learning for her students beyond the classroom she discovered TalkAbroad and other ways of connecting students to real world language exchange.

In this CSLC presentation, we will have a conversation about language learning conversations! Monica will share her experiences in setting up her TalkAbroad program for her students, talk about her collaboration with Universidad Iberoamericana, and explain how using the language they are learning with native speakers has helped her students build the confidence they need to round out their education.




Resources for the presentation were provided including research articles, hyperlinks, and the presentation slide deck. View these resources by clicking on the link below:


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