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Why Linguistics is Hard for Computers

Author: Anne Daly


*This talk was filmed on Tuesday, April 18 2017.

Summary: Computers are able to easily surpass humans at many tasks such as adding large amounts of numbers together, but fail on linguistic tasks that humans do without thinking. In this talk, Kenton Murray will give an introduction to Computational Linguistics and explain the many pitfalls that computers encounter when trying to understand language. Murray will give a background on the work that's been done over the last half century to try and tackle this problem, and finish with a short overview of the cutting-edge work being done here at Notre Dame. This talk is an introduction to Computational Linguistics and is aimed at people with an interest in Linguistics, but who do not necessarily have any background in Computer Science.…

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EAP Workshop: Conferences and Networking

Author: Ryne Clos

Conferences are often fun, motivating events that will push your research forward and allow you to interact with other researchers in your field. But just as often, conferences cause anxiety, because we are all told of the importance of using them to “network” but find the process of doing that intimidating or mystifying. This workshop will decode the conference as an event, discuss what networking means, and provide you with strategies to successfully utilize conferences as networking opportunities. This workshop was held on 12 April. If you missed this workshop, you may access the Powerpoint slides here

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