Chloe Hemm Receives the Liu Family Distinguished Achievement Award in East Asian Studies

Author: Maureen Hogan

CSLC Student Spotlight

Class of 2021 graduate Chloe Hemm, who received a Linguistics Minor from the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures at Notre Dame, was awarded the Liu Family Distinguished Achievement Award in Asian Studies. 

Chloe Hemm

Chloe is class of 2021 graduate majoring in Chinese as well as Neuroscience & Behavior in the College of Science. She is on the Pre-health track, has a minor in Linguistics and is also a member of the Glynn Family Arts & Letters/ Science Honors Program. Her academic interests are tied together by her passion for understanding how different people view the world and experience life. This involves extensive language learning and cultural immersion, which she has been able to pursue through Notre Dame’s department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. She was first drawn to Chinese in her secondary education, and later began her formal studies of the language at Notre Dame her sophomore year. She studied on her own the previous summer, and placed into Second Year Chinese. After taking both semesters of Second Year Chinese, Chloe attended the Notre Dame in Beijing 2019 Summer Language Program. There, she studied Third Year Chinese, enjoyed firsthand cultural insight, and gave a graduation speech at the conclusion of the program. During her time in China, she was committed to learning from her teachers and classmates while also taking the opportunity to interact with locals.