Congratulations Professor Paul McDowell

Author: Denise Ayo


The CSLC would like to take a moment to congratulate Professor Paul McDowell on his recent award from the French Embassy. This award will permit Professor McDowell to attend a five-day workshop at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. The workshop will be led by Ohio University faculty and attended by 20 faculty members and instructors from various American universities and colleges, including Harvard University and University of Michigan. The workshop will bring together instructors interested in developing and teaching Business French courses so that they may share best practices with each other and experienced Ohio faculty.

We are very excited that the French Embassy has selected Professor McDowell to participate in this one of a kind workshop and look forward to him offering such a course at Notre Dame in Spring or Fall 2015. It has been 5-10 years since a course in Business French has been offered at Notre Dame, and we anticipate this upcoming course to dovetail nicely with the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures’ International Economics major and Notre Dame’s new School for Global Affairs.

Professor McDowell is a veteran language instructor at Notre Dame where he has taught French and is renowned for his French language theatre productions. Because of this experience integrating the theatre and the language classroom, the CSLC has asked Professor McDowell to be a member of the 2015 Let’s Talk conference committee. The second annual Let’s Talk will focus on how theatre can be used to enhance language acquisition and enrich students’ understanding of the target culture.

Once again, congratulations, Professor Paul McDowell. Thank you for taking the initiative to help Notre Dame cultivate a perception of foreign languages as integral to our students’ future careers.