Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Author: Aline Irihamye

Congratulations to the CSLC’s nineteen seniors who will be graduating this year!

The Class of 2017 has served as Student Managers, Peer Tutors, and Desk Staff and have greatly contributed to making the CSLC the fun, exciting place that it is. We are very excited for all this is in store for our seniors.

Pete Stankiewicz, a Biochemistry and Russian Double major, worked as a Russian tutor at the CSLC. Dana Drysdale, an English major with minors in Classic Literature and Latino Studies, was similarly an English tutor at the Center. Both Pete and Dana will work as Fulbright English Teaching Assistants in Russia and Korea, respectively, after graduation. Dana says of her time at the CSLC, “I learned so much...about other cultures and languages, and even school subjects. I loved having conversations with people from all over the world and professional fields.”

Guido Guerra, an Italian and History double major, worked as an Italian Peer Tutor and will be pursuing a Master’s in Italian Studies at Notre Dame. Guido commented, “I agree with what many others have said about the CSLC: namely, that the staff, both the temporary and permanent, really do make the place. It was a joy to get to know Brian and Denise.” Likewise, Dolores Vargas, a German and Psychology double major and German Tutor, will be attending the University of Freiburg for a Master’s in German as a Foreign Language. Of her students Dolores said, “I really enjoyed working with the students and seeing their excitement when something finally clicked. It would always brighten my day when students would say to me, "you know, we've gone over this topic for almost two weeks in class, and I just have not been able to understand it. But after speaking with you for half an hour, it makes sense now."

Lauren Bruckhauser, a Political Science and Arabic double major, worked as an Arabic tutor at the CSLC and will begin a full-time position next spring in Washington, D.C. working in counter-terrorism research. On Arabic she described, “It was great to see fellow Notre Dame students with the same passion for the Arabic language I have.  Also, I really appreciated having the opportunity to share my experience with study abroad in Jordan and helping students find programs that would really enrich their study of Arabic.”

Student Manager, Anne Daly is a Senior English and Spanish double major. She will be working in advertising and communications in Minneapolis upon graduation. Anne said of the CSLC, “I have enjoyed working at the Center and interacting with such a vibrant group of people who are passionate about languages and cultures, and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I have learned a lot from Brian and Denise, and there is never a dull moment with them at the Center. It's also been exciting to welcome Amy on board as the Center Associate this spring, and I am excited to see the great things that the CSLC will do in coming years.”

We at the CSLC wish all of our graduating seniors the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Desk Staff
Anne Daly English & Spanish
Hansel Weihs            Aerospace Engineering & Japanese                                                                                
Inhye Choi Marketing & Japanese
Peer Tutors
Roman Gusdorf Science-Business & Russian
Louisa Diggins Irish Language and Literature & Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Dana Drysdale English
Dolores Vargas   German & Psychology
Leah Jacob   Accountancy & German
Emily Campagna Accountancy & Music & Japanese
Pete Stankiewicz   Biochemistry & Russian
Guido Guerra   Italian & Art History
Lauren Bruckhauser Political Science & Arabic
Brendan Coyne  Classics
John McGinn Mathematics & Irish Language and Literature
Seungheon Lee PreProfessional (SC)
Siyu Zhao Architecture 
Fred Choi Finance
Elle Huang Information Tech. Managemenent & German
Meadow Jackson Japanese & Political Science