CSLC Educational Technologist Joachim Castellano to offer faculty video workshop

Author: Anne Daly


Are you a language professor who has been wondering about incorporating video into your classroom? Are you intrigued by video but not sure how to start? If so, join CSLC Educational Technologist Joachim Castellano on Wednesday, February 17th from 4:30-5:30 pm for a workshop on video production and lesson ideas to enhance language learning.

Castellano, who is new to the CSLC this academic year, brings extensive video experience to Notre Dame. After receiving an undergraduate degree in film production from Northwestern and a masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Teachers College Columbia University, Castellano worked as a professional video producer and has also taught media production classes at a Kanda University of International Studies in Japan.

Drawing on his twin passions for video and language learning, he is particularly excited to offer this workshop and showcase the possibilities video offers in the academic environment. Speaking about these possibilities, Castellano comments that “video is already supplementing the education field at large in very interesting ways,” for instance in the flipped or hybrid classroom models where “at home, students spend time on passive tasks such as watching video lectures or demonstrations while in class, they focus more on collaborative activities.” Although Castellano doesn’t think video will ever replace face-to-face instruction, he emphasizes that video can help students and teachers to make the most of their in-class time, adding that “we are visual creatures and countless studies have shown that students perform better with multimodal materials versus, say, memorizing a list of vocabulary.”  

The CSLC plans to offer more technology-assisted language learning workshops in the future. Castellano has big dreams, saying “I'm hoping [to] incorporate augmented and virtual reality themed workshops as these are the next wave of personal computer development, based on recent R&D efforts by the big three tech companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft).” In addition, the CSLC welcomes faculty suggestions for future workshop topics.