Language Technology Consultations


Geraldine Ameriks

As the Center prepares for the 2013-2014 academic year, we invite foreign language faculty to visit for consultations on integrating technology in the classroom.

This week, Professor Geraldine Ameriks, with whom the CSLC has collaborated the last several years, met with Matt Getze, Assistant Director of Programming and Technology, to plan creative production and writing projects that involve the use of computer-mediated communications (CMC) platforms and portable video capturing devices. Professor Ameriks, who teaches Advanced Spanish and Conversation and Writing in Spanish at Notre Dame, has eagerly and effectively put CMC platforms, including blogging and video conferencing, to use. The sequential structure of blogging has provided Professor Ameriks' students opportunities for asynchronous writing production, reflection, and interaction, as students are able to view each others' perspectives and respond accordingly. Open to new programs that make pedagogical and practical sense, Professor Ameriks has also had her students participate in a virtual face-to-face Spanish Conversation program known as Platica. The virtual exchange program consists of 30-minute conversation sessions (4 times per semester) between Professor Ameriks' students and a professionally trained interlocutor/instructor from Guatemala via Skype. The conversation is both structured with content, focus, and goals set by both students and Professor Ameriks.

This Fall, Professor Ameriks will integrate a new video-based project. The project will send her students to the Snite Museum, where Mexican art from Jaime Guerrero and José Guadalupe Posada will be on exhibition. Students will record on video their analysis on and perspectives of their favorite pieces. They will edit and post the videos on a video hosting website and embed their productions on their class blog. The process of the production--researching, writing scripts, and oral presentations on camera--makes use of task-based learning and content-based learning teaching approaches, both of which are highly effective approaches to language teaching.

The CSLC is delighted to work with Professor Ameriks on this project and welcomes other language faculty to collaborate with us. Please contact Matt Getze, Assistant Director of Programming and Technology, at or (574) 631-1332.