Notre Dame Logs Record Mango Usage

Author: Luke Van de Walle

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Mango Languages, a language learning app provided to all students, faculty, staff, and alumni from Notre Dame, has recently shared that Notre Dame has recorded the highest usage of the app in higher education institutions nationally! Miriah Moore, Mango Account Manager for Notre Dame, said, “I was so impressed with Notre Dame’s usage, which not only remained high over the last year, but is some of the best usage I’ve seen.” She further added, “It’s great to see thousands of sessions logged and know that we’re helping to enrich people’s lives with language and culture.”

Since 2014, Notre Dame has registered 4,367 users, clocking 53,709 individual sessions. During the 20-21 academic year, 7,546 sessions have been recorded, 4,892 of which were done on mobile devices at an average of 13.48 minutes per session. Notre Dame Mango users recorded a grand total of over 1700 hours of language learning this academic year.


Latin American Spanish remains most popular with Notre Dame users, followed by French, German, and Italian. Users studying each language can be seen below, and Notre Dame also has users studying less widely spoken  languages, such as Castilian Spanish, Igbo, and Icelandic. In an increasingly globalized world, Notre Dame is unequivocally demonstrating that it  embraces multilingualism!

Mango Languages offers in-depth lessons on over 70 languages. It uses a conversation-based methodology to reinforce the four aspects of language learning: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture. Placement tests are offered to those with previous language experience, and new concepts are slowly introduced to what the user already has mastery over. Mango’s algorithms create personalized review content to help each student gain fluency over concepts that challenge them the most. Register through InsideND with your NDID here, and begin learning on your web browser or download the Mango Languages app.

For more information about Mango, or for help with registration and downloading, visit the CSLC Mango web page.