Summer Language Courses at Notre Dame

Author: Luke Van de Walle

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As the Spring 2021 semester enters its final weeks, registration for a plethora of summer language courses has begun. Classes are being offered in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, and English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Classes begin on June 14th and will meet both online and on-campus. Language classes will offer students of a variety of levels an opportunity to continue studying through the summer and ensure that language skills gained throughout the school year are not lost.


Spanish courses are being offered for all levels of proficiency, ranging from beginning/intermediate Spanish to specialized courses such as reading and research opportunities, as well as Spanish in the medical field (ROSP 24460, Online). Spanish Graduate Reading (ROSP 64050) is an online intensive study of Spanish grammar and syntax is intended for graduate students working in the humanities or sciences who are interested in acquiring reading proficiency in Spanish.


Portuguese is offering a course entitled: Bridging the Gap: Cinema, Music, and Literature in Portuguese-Speaking Countries (ROPO 64050). Taught by Professor Ana Fauri, this course will examine music and literature coming from Brazil, Portugal, Cape Verde, Angola, and Mozambique. The music and literature studied will serve as a gateway to examine the complex issues surrounding rural versus urban lives, race and gender struggles, and how ideological and political changes can affect the culture and art in a country.


Arabic is offering an introduction to classical/Quranic Arabic taught by Professor Catherine Bronson. The course will read selections from the Quran and other Islamic texts to develop a basic knowledge of the Quran and its grammar and syntax with an emphasis on vocabulary acquisition. For more information, contact Professor Bronson at


Four Italian language courses are being offered through the Summer Online program. Professor Alessia Blad-Miller is teaching Beginning Italian I (ROIT 14101), a course that focuses on developing student competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Professor Tiziani Serafini will be teaching Beginning Italian II (ROIT 14102) this summer. She loves that the structure of her summer courses offered an opportunity for students and herself to concentrate on a single class, rather than juggling other classes and extracurricular activities. This gives students a unique opportunity in their studies. She says that “taking a class over the summer can really be like taking a break from the work work work mindset. This is so important for your brain and growth, mental and emotional health, and being able to get credit for it too is fantastic.” Italian classes will also be offered this summer at the Intermediate and graduate level as well.

Intermediate Italian I (ROIT 24231), with Professor Patrick Vivirito, is an intermediate second-year language course with equal focus on oral and written production will be conducted entirely online.  Students will explore the Italian culture and learn to discuss and write about Italian cultural topics, current events, and literary texts.

Finally, Professor Kathleen Boyle is offering an Italian Graduate Reading  (ROIT 64050) course this summer. This online intensive study of Italian grammar and syntax is intended for graduate students working n the humanities or sciences who are interested in acquiring reading proficiency in Italian.

English for Academic Proficiency (EAP)

Professor Lisa Oglesbee oversees the EAP classes, and they are an opportunity for non-native English speakers to brush up on their English skills. Because it is a summer course, Professor Oglesbee loves that it offers a valuable opportunity for incoming students to meet others and form community before arriving on campus in the fall. EAP courses differ from the other language courses offered because they are free and do not award credit. Professor Oglesbee says that this gives students a great opportunity, as “they will not hurt your bank account or GPA. They are a great way to improve English and academic skills in a safe, low-stress environment.”  To learn more about offerings for the EAP program, contact Professor Oglesbee (

A full catalog of summer courses being offered can be found here.

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