The CSLC Fall Reception and Tutoring Begins

Author: Denise Ayo

To open the new academic year, the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures welcomed language faculty, staff, and students with the CSLC Fall Reception.


Chengxu Yin, Dean McGreevy, Marie-Christine Escoda-Risto, Paul MacDowell, and Ghada Bualuan.



Sandra Teixeira, Marie-Christine Escoda-Risto, Dean McGreevy, Lionel Jensen, Yeonhee Yoon, and Stew Markel.



Kevin Barry, Victor Maqque, Caroline Wilky, Deborah Forteza, Geraldine Ameriks, and Marie-Christine Escoda-Risto.



Dean McGreevy speaks with Tara MacLeod and Chengxu Yin.



In addition to opening the new academic year, the CSLC Fall Reception commemorated Ursula Williams, founder and former Director of Notre Dame's Language Resource Center. Presenting the commemorative plaque was Lionel Jensen, Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures and Cocurrent Associate Professor of History.


And giving his blessing was the Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, John T. McGreevy.


Lionel Jensen, Dean McGreevy, and the CSLC's interim director, Brian O'Conchubhair, holding the Ursula Williams plaque, which will be displayed on the wall of the Center.


The CSLC was glad to end our first day of tutoring for the 2013-2014 AY with such a wonderful reception. Thank you to everyone who came!