Video games available for language learning

Author: Joachim Castellano

The CSLC now owns a Nintendo Super Famicom video game system for language learning purposes. Super Famicom, the Japanese version of the Super NES, is a 16-bit video game console that was originally released in 1990. Seven game cartridges are available to check out at the Front Desk: Dragon Quest V, Final Fantasy V, The Legend of Zelda, Sim City Jr., Super Mario Collection, Super Mario RPG, and Ultimate Football. Currently, all the titles are the Japanese editions, however, game play can be enjoyed in any language. To maximize learning potential of these titles, students are encouraged to sign up, play with a friend, use vocabulary lists, and reflect on their game play in the target language. More activities will be introduced later this semester to make second language acquisition through game play enjoyable and effective.  Students can reserve a Super Famicom time slot by contacting the CSLC Front Desk.



Play video games and learn a language! Check out game at our front desk. #nintendo

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