Becoming a Peer Tutor









Peer tutor candidates are recommended by language departments and programs, and then reviewed by the CSLC using the criteria listed below. To begin the application process, speak to your foreign language professor, or contact the relevant faculty liaison

Minimum Criteria:

  • at least sophomore status
  • advanced foreign language proficiency (enrollment/completion of coursework at the 3000-level or higher,  proficient ACTFL OPI testing scores, or native speaking status)
  • nomination by a foreign language faculty member in the relevant foreign language department 

Additional (Preferred) Criteria:

  • Study abroad experience in the relevant language
  • Declared foreign language major(s) or minor(s)
  • Participation in other CSLC language events, activities and programs

Peer Tutor Expectations:

  • Attend the CSLC New Tutor Orientation during the first week of the semester
  • ​Complete a training course with reading and written assignments, and an on site training session
  • Submit tutor reports in a timely manner
  • Follow the CSLC Peer Tutoring protocol and guidelines for tutoring sessions
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism