Tutor Reporting

This page is intended for CSLC peer tutors. Peer tutors can use the links below to submit reports.

Tutor Reporting

Tutors are required to make two types of reports: 1) tutor session follow-ups to faculty and 2) tutee count.

Faculty Follow-Up

Every tutee/student tutors see must be reported immediately following a tutoring session. Ask the student what level of course s/he is taking (Beginning or Intermediate? Elementary I or II, First-Year I or II, etc.?) and the instructor's name and email (use Inside ND if you are unable to obtain the email address from the tutee).

Peer Tutor Weekly Report

By 5:30 p.m. on Friday of each week, please fill out the number of students you saw last week. This is critical for the development of the tutoring program.


Tutor Training

All new tutors are required to complete peer tutor training. The Fall 2016 online course can be found here.