Let's Talk


Every year, the Center for the Study of Language and Culture helps interested organizers bring together an international conference on language research and education. The CSLC’s annual conferences have three broad aims:

(1) Raise the CSLC’s national and international profile by inviting preeminent keynotes speakers as well as burgeoning scholars to visit Notre Dame and speak about the latest advances in language acquisition theory, technology, and practice.  (Keynote talks will be recorded and made available on the CSLC website.)

(2) To create a culture of research and best practices among the faculty and staff engaged in foreign language teaching at Notre Dame. To this end, the CSLC strongly encourages ND faculty and staff to present papers at the conference.

(3) Showcase the research and innovative approaches to language teaching used in the Notre Dame classroom, across the United States, and around the world.


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In Our Own Words: Native Language Revival and Preservation in the Indigenous Americas (Let's Talk 2018)
Let's Talk: Relationships, Research, and Results (2017)
Let's Talk: Language and Identity (2016)
Let's Talk: Language on the Boards (2015)
Let's Talk: Low-Enrollment, High-Prestige Languages (2014)
Opening Keynote Speaker 2014: Dr. Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl (Yale)