Future Conferences

The CSLC invites any Notre Dame faculty who are interested in hosting a Let's Talk conference to submit a topic idea using the following link. While hosting a Let's Talk conference is open to all and the CSLC staff look forward to working with anyone who is interested, it is especially ideal for individuals who have never hosted a conference before but are looking for a way to develop their professional profile as well as bring key scholars in their area to Notre Dame. This is because the CSLC helps Let's Talk organizers in a variety of ways in addition to providing conference funding. 


Guidelines for Hosting a Let's Talk Conference

  • The CSLC will provide selected organizer(s) with guidance in regards to the steps of organizing the confernece. The CSLC will not, however, organize the conference or provide administrative support.
  • Conference orgranizer(s) must seek internal and/or external funding. The CSLC will provide some supplemental funding but will not be the sole funding source. Organizer(s) might want to think about applying to ISLA's Mini-Conference award.
  • Topics for the upcoming academic year are due May 31. Topics can be submitted year round and all topics deemed meritous have the potential for being selected for future academic years.
  • Poster and program design will be handled by Arts and Letters' Office of Communications and must be in accordance with the Let's Talk design.


Steps for Hosting a Let's Talk Conference

  • Submit an idea for a conference using the following link: Let's Talk Topic Submission Portal
  • Let's Talk conferences should be scheduled for the Spring semester; however, the CSLC is open to Fall or Summer conferences if there is a need and the topic is submitted early enough.
  • The selected organizer(s) for the upcoming academic year will be contacted by Maggie Vosters by June 22. She will provide organizer(s) with a detailed schedule for the organizing of the conference and act as a guide in the conference organizing process.