Below are the proceedings of the Let's Talk (2014) in the symposium's entirety. The opening remarks were made by Dean John T. McGreevy, who presented foreign language awards to foreign language faculty and foreign language tutors. Please avail yourselves of all the keynote speakers and presenters.

Opening Remarks and Foreign Language Awards

Dean John T. McGreevy (University of Notre Dame)

Keynote Speakers

"Innovative Trends in Language Education: New Directions for LCTLs"
Dr. Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl (Yale University)

"The Secret of Getting Things Done is to [Inter] Act: Communicative Design for Less Commonly
Taught Language Classes"
Dr. Lance R. Askildson (Kennesaw State University)

"Caring Means Sharing: The Shared Course Initiative and Language Instruction"
Dr. Stéphane Charitos (Columbia University)


"Oral Competency in ‘New Spaces’: Risk-taking and Interpersonal Performance"
Professor Lori Crawford-Dixon (Holy Cross College)

"Perfecting Peer-Tutoring Planning at Notre Dame"
Dr. Yongping Zhu (University of Notre Dame)

"The Technological Imperative For Less Commonly Taught Languages: Addressing Teacher
Dr. Virginie Askildson (Kennesaw State University)