Course Descriptions

CSLC 20301: Introduction to Linguistics (Fall)

This course teaches language structure, including phonetics (the sounds of language), phonology (the sound systems of language), morphology (the study of the construction of smallest linguistic units what has a meaning or grammatical function), syntax (a component of mental grammar that deals with constructing phrasal expressions out of smaller expressions), semantics (the study of linguistic meaning), pragmatics (the study of how context affects language use), language acquisition, writing systems, language variation, language change and sociolinguistics (the study of the interrelationships of language and social structure). The course discusses both the diversity of language and its universal aspects. It also examines the relationship between language and culture.

CSLC 20304: Digital Literacy in Language Learning (Fall)

This course offers a comprehensive understanding of digital literacy in relation to teaching and researching language acquisition. Students will learn a variety of digital writing technologies and be trained to think critically about cultural and communicative consequences of the digital media. Students will also gain the critical perspective and literacy tools needed to actively apply in language teaching and researching.

CSLC 20302: Sociolinguistics of Second Language Acquisition (Spring)

In this course, you will learn sociolinguistic theories in relation to language acquisition and teaching. You will also examine those places where language and culture come together to affect our interactions, concentrating on areas particularly important to language teaching, learning, and usage. 

CSLC 30101: Introduction to Second Language Acquisition (Spring)

In this course, you will explore an overview of the principles of language structure, the processes of first and second language acquisition, and the issues involved in assessing language proficiency. You will be asked to pay special attention to the application of linguistic knowledge to the multilingual and multicultural setting.