Nd Tesol Square

In the Fall of 2019, students in the TESOL minor class "Methods in Second Language Teaching" were discussing ways to promote the TESOL program on ND's campus in class one day. They saw it as an important resource for anyone interested in teaching languages and were wishing that more people knew about the fun and incredible program offered by the CSLC. They were batting around ideas about t-shirts and stickers and events, and then someone had the brilliant idea of creating a club. Thus, the TESOL Club was born and received official status by the Student Activities Office in the Spring of 2020. 

The purpose of the TESOL Club is to provide a support system for students who are interested in teaching in general but especially for those who are interested in teaching English and/or another language. The TESOL Club plans to accomplish this goal by: 

  • hosting monthly meetings which will include access to resources related to language teaching,
  • connecting students with professors, alumni, and professionals with experience in related fields and careers, and 
  • providing students with opportunities to actively work on their own teaching skills by holding "Micro-Teaching" sessions among the club members. 

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2020-2021 Officers

President Noémi Toroczkai
Vice-President Olivia Wright
Treasurer Courtney Sharpe
Secretary Mimi Schneider
Event Coordinator Rosa (Nhi) Nguyen
Media Director Luke Miller
Faculty Advisor Lisa Oglesbee