CSLC Center

The Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures (CSLC) is an interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to the advancement of language learning and cultural understanding at the University of Notre Dame.

The CSLC offers a broad array of programs, technologies and assessment systems to advance language acquisition and cultural learning on campus.

The CSLC also administers its own language-intensive study abroad programs, conducts the English for Academic Purposes Program, pursues applied research in areas such as language assessment and computer-assisted language learning, hosts major academic conferences, executes grants, and provides strategic leadership and planning to a variety of academic departments, colleges and administrative units across the University.

The CSLC serves as an important coordinating mechanism for Notre Dame's five foreign language departments and fourteen foreign language programs. Additionally, the CSLC provides strategic planning to foreign language faculty and departments and the Office of the Dean for the College of Arts and Letters on matters related to foreign/second language policy, principles, and best practices of second language acquisition; language program assessment; and English as a second language for academic purposes.

"I have been involved in CSLC activities since the start of my time at Notre Dame. Not only have this allowed me to greatly expand my awareness of my specific culture and language of interest, but my immersion in a community of students and faculty passionately pursing a greater understanding of the foreign and unfamiliar has allowed me to become a more knowledgeable and informed member of our global community."
- Audrey McMurtrie