Spoken English Skills Class

For Postdocs and Visiting Scholars

In Fall 2020, the CSLC will offer a free English academic communications class for Notre Dame postdocs and visiting scholars who are non-native speakers of English. This class will focus on speaking skills in an academic context. Examples include:

  • Pronunciation
  • Academic presentations
  • Conversation 
  • Socializing in different contexts
  • Grammar (minimal/focused)
  • Body language
  • Academic vocabulary 

Classes are taught by a Notre Dame TESOL scholar as part of their final teaching practicum. They will meet on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:30-8:30pm via Zoom. 

This semester, the class will be split into two seven-week sessions:

  • Session 1 | Spoken English Skills: Everyday Language (August 11 - September 24)
  • Session 2 | Spoken English Skills: Professional Language (September 29 - November 12)

Students may register for one or both sessions. Each class will be limited to 15 students. 

Register for Session 1

Register for Session 2