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Mine, Yours, and Theirs: Giving Credit and Taking Responsibility in Academic Writing

Author: Guieswende Rouamba

American academic culture simultaneously places high value on originality and on thorough review of the work of previous scholars. Learning how to balance these two demands is difficult, as expectations arise from complex cultural norms that cannot be internalized merely by following a prescribed citation style. In this workshop, we will examine both the broad assumptions that govern the perception of plagiarism in American academic culture and learn strategies for giving credit to other writers while developing a unique authorial voice.…

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Stove, Move, Love: Improving Your English Pronunciation

Author: Guieswende Rouamba

There is often a great distance between the way English words are written and the way they are pronounced. This problem is further complicated by the many different regional and national accents that learners encounter at our university. We will examine how intonation and context influence pronunciation at the level of the word, sentence, and paragraph. Attendees will learn how to boost their comprehension of others while making themselves more easily understood.…

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Wed Nov 20, 2019

"Let's eat Grandma!" : How to Save Lives and Write Successfully through Better Punctuation


Location: 116 O'Shaughnessey Hall

In academic writing, punctuation is vitally important in establishing meaning and dividing complex ideas into manageable chunks. This workshop will review the rules of English punctuation, discuss features peculiar to American English, and compare and contrast examples of good and bad punctuation so that attendees can understand why these “jots and tittles” make such a difference in our lives.…

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Thu Nov 21, 2019