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CSLC Moving to Bond Hall

Author: Guieswende Rouamba

We are excited to announce that in July 2019, the CSLC will move to the 3rd floor of Bond Hall, where we will enjoy expanded space for our core programs and student services as well as proximity to flexible-learning classrooms designed specifically for language learning. Bond Hall has been reimagined as an integrated hub for student success organizations; it will also be outfitted with a number of new and innovative learning spaces. We are delighted to be a part of this vision and believe our new home will enable us to expand the impact of our many successful programs, including peer tutoring, language tables, study and conversation groups, and cultural events.  "It was clear that the CSLC had outgrown 329 DeBartolo Hall, in view of the intense demand for our offerings and the continuing urgency to anchor language and culture at the center of a Notre Dame education, " said Dr. Brian Ó Conchubhair, CSLC Director. "We are thrilled to have gained more space for our programs and services, look forward to designing and using new classrooms calibrated for language pedagogy, and are delighted to be working in close proximity with other student learning organizations."  

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Nonverbal Communication

Author: Brandon Cook

Not all communication is verbal; gestures, facial expressions, and body position – although silent – can say a lot about an individual’s (and your own!) thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and intentions. In this workshop, we discussed some principles of nonverbal communication and culturally specific expressions of body language techniques relevant to effective interpersonal communication and networking in the United States. …

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