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“Let’s Eat Grandma!" – Save Lives with Good Punctuation

Author: Brandon Cook

Commas, periods, hyphens, colons, and semicolons are only some of the punctuation marks most common to the written forms of the world’s languages. However, since the usage of each tends to vary from country to country, improper use can obscure intelligent thought and lead to miscommunication. Through in-class exercises, workshop participants reviewed the contexts and uses of the most common English punctuation marks as they appear in U.S. professional and non-professional writing. …

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Thu Jan 24, 2019

Extensive Reading Empowers Autonomous Learners: What it is and how it works


Location: 125 Classroom Hesburgh Library

Extensive reading (ER) is the independent reading of many, various, self-selected, easy materials (Day & Bamford, 2004). It is different from the traditional, teacher-centered intensive reading. Learn how ER can be a robust and flexible method for encouraging autonomous learning, serve increasingly diverse groups of students, satisfy their individual needs and provide an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their own teaching.

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