Funding Opportunities

Conference Support

The CSLC provides support to foreign language faculty interested in holding a conference or symposium on language acquisition theory or pedagogy. Before requesting funds, please note the funding policies below:

  • All receipts must be submitted together within two weeks of the conference end date.
  • Poster/program can be designed and printed at the CSLC.
  • Final information for posters must be given one month in advance.
  • Final information for the program must be given two weeks in advance.
  • Non-professional video recording and photography may be done by trained CSLC student employees according to student availability. Requests must be made one month in advance.

CSLC does not provide

  • Conference organization support, including:
    • Coordination of guest speakers
    • Travel reservations (faculty members should arrange through TravelND or Anthony Travel)
    • Transportation to/from the airport (faculty are responsible for this)
  • Conference publicity, including:
    • Custom website creation
    • Student helpers/volunteers (it is recommended that faculty recruit from their own students.)
  • Reservation of non-CSLC facilities, equipment, or services

Other Funding Requests

The CSLC supports language learning by co-sponsoring departmental events and programming as well as faculty initiatives and projects on a limited basis. To request funding, please contact Alessia Blad-Miller