EAP Workshop: U.S. Classroom Culture

Author: Anna Seibach Larsen

In this workshop, we discussed the cultural values that influence  U.S. classrooms and how they are manifest in classroom behavior and expectations. We then explored ways in which international students and instructors can effectively guide classroom discussions and connect with students, as well as how they can participate in academic discussions themselves. The slides are available here

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EAP Workshop: Academic English

Author: Anna Siebach-Larsen

This workshop presented several techniques non-native speakers can use to maximize their success when speaking and writing in English. It focused particularly on strategies you can use in your academic writing, including how to use secondary sources and how to situate your own work within broader academic discourse.…

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Professor Hana Kang awarded Faculty Research Support Initiation Grant

Author: Monica Gorman

The Center for the Study of Language and Cultures (CSLC) is excited to announce that Hana Kang, a member of the CSLC faculty, has been awarded a $10,000 grant to jump-start her new research project.

Dr. Hana Kang has been a member of the CSLC faculty since 2014 and also teaches in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. Before coming to Notre Dame, she has taught Chinese, Korean, East Asian Cultures, and TESOL at the Ohio State University and at Michigan Technological University, where she also developed the Chinese Certification Program.…

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Position available: Language Technology and Administrative Program Manager

Author: Joachim Castellano

The CSLC is hiring!

We are looking for a Language Technology and Administrative Program Manager. This position is a critical member of the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures team. Primary duties include coordination of language acquisition technology, Center office management, and Center communications and outreach. Specific duties include:…

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CSLC Hosts 11th Year for Fulbright FLTA Orientation

Author: Selena Ponio

More than 65 attendees from 28 different countries will gather at Notre Dame this weekend for the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) orientation. This is Notre Dame’s 11th year hosting the event.

The Fulbright FLTA program gives fellowships to academically accomplished graduate students providing them with the opportunity to teach their native language and study at various U.S. universities. It is managed by the Institute for International Education and the U.S. State Department with the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures (CSLC) at Notre Dame as a co-sponsor and facilitator.…

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Preparing for an Academic Job Interview: EAP Workshop

Author: Ricky Klee

For interviewing purposes, one must be able to describe one’s research and teaching in a succinct, clear, and interesting way.  There are many questions and customs that are associated with interviewing for a job.  This workshop explored ways to prepare for the interview stage of an academic job search, offering information about interview practices, and strategies for addressing common questions posed during the interview.  If you missed the workshop and would like to see the slides, they can be found here

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