US Classroom Culture

Author: Christopher Scheirer

In this workshop, we discussed the cultural norms, behavior, and expectations of the American university classroom.  We then explored techniques that students and teachers can utilize for participating in and leading classroom discussions, interacting with other students, and working in groups.  We modeled effective question asking strategies and how to encourage student engagement and interactive learning.…

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Mango Languages

Author: Guieswende Rouamba

Here is the latest data on Notre Dame's use of Mango Languages, the language learning platform:

  • 20,958 Overall Sessions


  • 3,058 Registered Users
  • + 2% Monthly Growth

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Visiting Faculty

Author: Guieswende Rouamba

Img 5908

Joachim Castellano visited the CSLC on Friday, September 7 and gave two talks, one for faculty and one for students. The faculty talk, titled “Learning Languages with Apps,” reviewed language learning apps such as Rosetta Stone, Mango, Memrise, Liulishuo, and Fluent Forever. After evaluating the apps, Joachim presented how these apps can supplement language courses taught in traditional environments.…

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