Bloomsday in the Bend


Location: Barnes & Noble, University Park Mall


On June 16, 1904, Leopold Bloom, the main character of James Joyce’s Ulysses, went on his epic journey through the streets of Ireland. Known as one of the greatest works of modern as well as Western literature, Joyce’s Ulysses is remarkable in the fact that its events take place within the span of 24 hours. Thus, every year on June 16, seasoned Joyceans and blooming Bloomites alike gather together across the globe to celebrate Bloom’s trek around Dublin.

Although Notre Dame boasts of being the home of not only the Fighting Irish but cutting-edge Irish scholarship, we have yet to host a Bloomsday event in honor of one of the most famous Irish texts of all time.

This year, Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures kicks off the first annual “Bloomsday in the Bend” event. Starting at 6:00pm on June 16, 2014 at University Park Mall’s Barnes & Noble, Michiania is invited to a literary celebration. There will be readings of Ulysses, finger foods inspired by Bloom’s lunch courtesy of Granite City, and a children’s corner where Irish children’s stories will be read. The event will also feature Irish music presented by the Suzuki Music School of Granger's Gaska String Quartet. (Purchases made during the event will benefit the Suzuki Music School.) 

Joyce imagined his work’s audience to be the everyman and everywoman. Because of this, the CSLC encourages everyone to attend, from individuals who have read the book ten times to those who are interested in just knowing a little bit more about this Joyce fellow. Come, bring your family, and have fun celebrating one of the greatest works of Western literature.