Ed Talk: Temporary Departures from the Target Language - Allison Connolly - Centre College in Kentucky


Location: Online (Zoom)

Temporary Departures from the Target Language

 Should low stakes written assignments in English have a place in an advanced world language course?  Is there value in a brief, structured departure from the target language?  In this talk, I will lay out a class blog project completed by students in an advanced French course at Centre College in spring 2020.  After explaining my rationale for assigning work in English, I will share blog assignment specifics, including content, sequencing, technical challenges, and examples of student work.  I will also share students’ thoughts on sacrificing precious time that could have been used to strengthen their French skills.  Finally, we will synthesize the advantages and drawbacks of stepping away from the target language.

Allison Connolly

To join this talk please click  https://notredame.zoom.us/j/99627419774