Intercultural Development Day: What are My Cultural Values and Preferences?


Location: Online via Zoom

Intercultural Development Days Spring 2023

We only have one question: Are you IN?

Are you...INtrigued by other cultures? INterested in self-improvement? INvested in diversity? INclusive of cultural differences?

If any of these sounds like something you're passionate or curious about, you might want to increase your intercultural competence! Join your fellow students, staff, faculty, and alumni as we work through exercises, engage in discussion, and explore ways to increase our cultural understanding of our world.

This presentation is conveniently offered online via Zoom. For more information, contact Mary Davis (

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Can't make it to all 3? You can come to R.U.N. with us on any day, any session, in no particular order. We're happy to have you anytime.

This is the second (of three) session in the Spring 2023 IR.U.N. mini-series. Add them all to your calendar!

  • March 21: How Does My Culture Shape My World?
  • March 28: What are My Cultural Values and Preferences?
  • April 4: How do I Process Cultural Dissonance?