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EAP Workshop: A Little Grammar Goes a Long Way, Part I

Author: Belen Vicens

Originally published in 1959, Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style is one of the most influential English grammar books ever written. Written in a clear and concise manner, its eleven rules of grammar provide a necessary foundation for English writing. Part I of this two-session workshop, led by Belen Vicens, helps international graduate students master the first set of rules (1 to 6), while Part II, on November 12, will focus on the second set (rules 7 to 11).…

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Fall 2016 heats up with special events at the CSLC

Author: Charlene Dundek

This fall the CSLC will be hosting several research and technology related events.  The season kicked off with the CALICO 2016 Submission workshop hosted on September 30th by the CSLC's new educational technologist, Joachim Castellano.  The workshop focused on aiding Notre Dame researchers presenting at CALICO 2016 at Michigan State University.…

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EAP Workshop: CVs for International Students

Author: Lisa Oglesbee

A CV, or Curriculum Vitae, is an academic document with a genre, format, and style all its own.  Distinct from a resume, a CV is a required document in academic job applications and a useful tool to communicate accomplishments, scholarly expertise, and professional service. This EAP workshop, led by Ricky Klee and co-sponsored by Career Services in the Graduate School, explored the purpose and construction of a CV, and shared tips and supports for international students seeking to build and maintain CV in English.…

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