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EAP Workshop: Grants and Fellowships

Author: Ricky Klee

Co-Sponsored by the Office of Grants and Fellowships (website:  email:  this workshop explored the nuts and bolts of searching for grants and fellowships through search engines like Pivot, as well as finding successful examples of applicants from ND to specific grants, like the Fulbright, NASA, DAAD, and many more.  It also dealt with the nuts and bolts of composing application documents like CVs and research abstracts, and asking faculty for letters of recommendation.  If you missed the workshop and would like to learn more, the slides can be found here

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Rosetta Stone Trial

Author: Joachim Castellano

This month, the CSLC is testing and evaluating the latest version of the Rosetta Stone language software. Our free trial version includes online access to over 30 languages. ND students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join the trial. The trial period ends April 15. Click here

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CSLC Technologist Publishes Articles on Media and the Language Classroom

Author: Selena Ponio

With a multitude of language learning software purporting to facilitate foreign language acquisition, CSLC Educational Technologist Joachim Castellano helps identify innovative tools and techniques for language teachers at Notre Dame. Last month, he published two articles in two separate publications focusing on how to incorporate media into the foreign language classroom.…

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