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Preparing for an Academic Job Interview: EAP Workshop

Author: Ricky Klee

For interviewing purposes, one must be able to describe one’s research and teaching in a succinct, clear, and interesting way.  There are many questions and customs that are associated with interviewing for a job.  This workshop explored ways to prepare for the interview stage of an academic job search, offering information about interview practices, and strategies for addressing common questions posed during the interview.  If you missed the workshop and would like to see the slides, they can be found here

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Northwestern Professor Presents Research on Spelling Bees

Author: Charlene Dundek

On March 29th, Professor Shalini Shankar of Northwestern University presented a talk titled The Semiotics of Spelling Bees: Sound, Temporality, Language, and Materiality. Shankar presented her research on spelling bees and discussed how the increasingly popular event has turned into a mass-mediated, sport-like spectacle. Her talk also examined the relationship between the competing speller and the judge. This dialogic relationship is important for a speller to be able to translate sounds into letters and words in the competitive environment. Shankar has spent the last 16 months conducting field research, which included access to ESPN during the live broadcast, time with Merriam-Webster, and over 45 interviews with spellers, parents, producers, and directors.…

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EAP Workshop: A Little Bit of Grammar Goes a Long Way (Condensed)

Author: Belen Vicens

This one-session advanced grammar workshop, which took place on 7 April 2016, was especially designed for international graduate students. The workshop was based on some of the most challenging rules of usage from Strunk and White’s Elements of Style (originally published in 1920).

The slides can be accessed here

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CSLC Successfully Launches New TESOL Minor

Author: Allegra Wallingford


On Saturday, April 2, the McNeill Room in the LaFortune Student Center was abuzz with activity. Students, professors, faculty, and even a few children enjoyed Venezuelan and Korean food while learning about what can be done with a TESOL-enhanced education.

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and linguistics courses have been a part of the CSLC's curriculum for years, but until now there has been no formal TESOL program through the University. Just this past December, the TESOL minor was put on the books. Students who declare the TESOL minor will learn about linguistics, classroom management, and lesson planning, and will get hands-on experience in teaching English before graduating.…

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Notre Dame Alum Reflects on Teaching English Abroad

Author: Charlene Dundek

Analise Taylor is an ND alum with extensive experience traveling, teaching, and living abroad. Through her experiences in different parts of the globe, she noticed the high demand for native-speaking English teachers. This led her to pursue a degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) to become a more impactful language instructor.…

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Five Years After Fukushima: Life and Recovery

Author: Franklin Paul Barcinas

Kris and Akiko Gravender delivered a talk on the current status of those closely affected by the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster that occurred in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture five years ago.


Akiko, a Japanese citizen, and her husband Kris reflected on the unwavering resilience of the Japanese people, as well as dedicated volunteers who relieved the stricken country of the heavy burden caused by the disaster in 2011.  The couple presented a moving example of the Japanese sentiment towards the volunteers who had helped them: a beautifully expressed letter of gratitude, which was distributed to each of the volunteers.    

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