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The CSLC Peer Tutoring program is a FREE service available to all Notre Dame students. This program offers comprehensive foreign language peer tutoring to enhance student learning beyond the classroom. CSLC peer tutors consist of students recommended by faculty members due to their high levels of proficiency in the language for which they are tutoring in addition to formal tutor training.

Tutoring offered includes in-person, hybrid, or remote formats. Refer to individual language and tutor appointments when reserving a session.

Non-students may request an exemption to receive tutoring by emailing


  • Appointments are limited to one 30-minute session per week. To request additional tutoring, contact with the information of a recommending faculty member.
  • Students must reserve sessions using their Notre Dame netID email address.
  • Students must come prepared with their goals for a session so the tutor can best facilitate their language learning. Tutoring is not a platform for instruction and does not take the place of a language class or someone solely beginning a language.
  • Students should book an appointment when possible. Drop-in tutoring may only be offered remotely by some tutors.
  • Tutoring is available only while classes are in session; not during holidays/breaks.
  • All tutoring outcomes are documented for both the tutee and the course instructor (if applicable). 
  • If you need to cancel:

For more information about our peer tutoring program, contact or call 574-631-5881.

Book a tutor 

  1. Click on the language button below to sign up for a 30-minute time slot. 
  2. Be sure that you are using your ND email address.
  3. Check that your Google calendar is set to Eastern Standard Time for your appointment time to display properly.
  4. If you are having problems reserving a time, try using a different browser (we recommend Chrome).
LanguageAdditional InformationBook Now
Arabic If you are not enrolled in an Arabic course, please contact Professor Catherine Bronson or Professor Bualuan prior to scheduling a tutoring appointment. Book an appointment
Chinese Contact the department to set appointment: Contact the department
English (EAP) Book an appointment
French 2024 Summer Session Hours: Christian Gabriel El Azar: Any level Book an appointment
German Ashley Gordon: primarily for 100 level courses
Mimi Schneider: any level
Juwan Jacobe: any level
Book an appointment
Greek Book an appointment
Haitian Creole Book an Appointment
Irish TBD: Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant AY 24-25 Book an appointment
Italian Students must be enrolled in the 2024 summer semester. Each session is 20 minutes long on MTW from 5:30 - 7:30 pm Book an appointment
Japanese Book an appointment
Korean Book an appointment
Latin Book an appointment
Portuguese Book an appointment
Russian Book an appointment
Spanish Students must be enrolled in the 2024 summer semester. Each session is 30 minutes long on TW from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Book an appointment
Swahili TBA: Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant AY 24-25 Email for an appointment