GEC - Globally Engaged Citizens Program

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As a student at Notre Dame  you have the opportumity to study languages and  engage in  multilingual and cross-cultural learning.  ND's Language departments, the CSLC, and other campus organizations offer a plethora of experiences, events, and activities that you are invited to participate in or help organize, including study abroad opportunities, international research programs and also service in the local community.

The Globally Engaged Citizens Program (GEC) recognizes the learning that already takes place, but can also be a motivator to participate in deeper and more rewarding levels of engagement with foreign languages and cultures. The GEC aligns with the goal of Notre Dame language departments to integrate real-world applications of languages across the curricula while giving you, the student, agency in your learning.

Here is how the GEC works:

The GEC is awarded for completion of language and culture related academic coursework and a broad range of  related events or activities on and off campus  that you choose throughout your time at ND.   It is a point system with a minimum of 15 points to qualify for the GEC. 

  • Students in all colleges and majoring in all fields are eligible.  
  • Any language experience or coursework counts and mixing or combining languages is welcome. 
  • TESOL and Linguistic Minors count as language coursework. 
  • Earn points for a broad range of events and study opportunities, on-campus events and off-campus:  language study abroad, internship, research, community service and more.
  • Count classes with  intercultural or international topics but taught in English. 

When you register for the GEC, you will be invited to join a Canvas "course" which will  give you more details on this point system and helps you to build a digital portfolio of these experiences.  The portfolio is due in senior year.  

Here is how you earn GEC points:

Start counting with your (intended) Major:   

  • Foreign Language (Supplemental) Major (13 pts)   
  • Foreign Language/TESOL/Linguistics  Minor (10 pts). 
  • A&L/Keough Language Requirement (5 pts)
  • All other Majors without Language Requirement must fulfill the minimum GEC required coursework: 1 Language class (not pass/fail) + 1 additional language class OR class with intercultural content (2 pts)

Then add the points earned in the other categories (list is not exhaustive):

  • Additional courses in foreign language or with intercultural content with at least 3 credits (2 pts ea, 6 pts maximum)
  • On-campus events/activities (1-2 pts, 4 pts maximum)
  • Language study abroad (2-3 pts)
  • Internship or Research project  in a foreign language context  (2-3 pts)
  • Community service in a foreign language context (2-3 pts)
  • External certification of language skills (2-3 pts)

Here is why you should sign up for the GEC:

  • The GEC is a powerful endorsement of your engagment with foreign languages and cultures at Notre Dame. 
  • You can get recognized in your college for your work in languages and make it to the Dean's newsletter. 
  • You can use the digital  GEC portfolio and the recognition in your applications for jobs and graduate school. 
  • You do not have to fulfill extra requirements, take exams  or additional courses as long as your studies have earned you the minimum of 15 points for the GEC.   Creating the portfolio is a straighforward  process that puts you in the driver's seat. Reflection about your experiences are the focus and you have a chance to be creative with your submission. 


 Don't miss out and join the 235+ students in the GEC program today!  If you have any questions before registering, please write to Eva Hoeckner.

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