FLIP - Foreign Language Internship Program

A summer abroad with a fully funded internship for foreign language majors (or minors for foreign languages that do not offer a major)

The Foreign Language Internship Program provides students with the opportunity to receive a fully-funded internship for all students majoring in one of the foreign languages offered by the University of Notre Dame.  With only 3 summers in the typical undergraduate experience, we want to make sure our language majors are able to maximize their language learning experience. This means no more choosing between language immersion and professional experience for your summer--you can do both at the same time!

In summer 2024, students of foreign languages can apply for a fully funded summer internship in the country of their choice. Working with Notre Dame Alumni Association, all of the foreign language departments, and Notre Dame International, the Foreign Language Internship Program provides students with more opportunities to use their foreign language and intercultural skills in a professional setting.

The purpose of this new program is to:

  • Create career-centered and fully-funded work experiences for Notre Dame students who are Foreign Language majors (or Minors for the Foreign Languages that do not offer a Major).
  • Offer a low to no-cost opportunity for Notre Dame students and families.
  • Facilitate direct contact with internship providers abroad through the Foreign Languages and Literatures departments, Notre Dame International, and the Alumni Association. 

Students who participate in the program will:

  • Receive a fully-funded internship that allows them to travel abroad to be immersed in their target language.
  • Increase their marketability in a competitive job market by developing unique skills including intercultural communication, language skills, and other skills that cannot be directly taught in the classroom.
  • Build an international network of contacts in their chosen field.
  • Develop interpersonal skills in addition to the technical skills necessary to compete in a global market.
  • Learn to communicate effectively in a professional setting with people from other languages and cultures.

To read about what our interns did in Summer 2023, check out the blogs that they authored!

FLIP 2023 Blogs

Internships are currently available! The following list is updated regularly as new opportunities become available. Click here for a Website for internship opportunities all over the world.

For more information on how to apply, contact Alessia Blad-Miller (ablad@nd.edu).

If you have been invited to apply to this program by a faculty member, please use this link.

The deadline to apply is November 1, 2023.



Available Internships


Ghada Bualuan


NDI - Global Professional Experience Program in Jerusalem

Notre Dame International offers undergraduate students an international experiential learning opportunity to discover firsthand within an immersive environment how businesses and organizations operate in selected locations throughout the world. The Global Professional Experience Program places students with selected global and local companies and organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Other internship opportunities in the United Arab Emirates



Yongping Zhu

NDI - Global Professional Experience Program in China and Hong Kong

Notre Dame International offers undergraduate students an international experiential learning opportunity to discover firsthand within an immersive environment how businesses and organizations operate in selected locations throughout the world. The Global Professional Experience Program places students with selected global and local companies and organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.


Anne Schaefer



Several internship opportunities in France


l'Etudiant offers resources for locating internships available in France. Opportunities are available in all areas of work and study.

French Civil Service

For students interested in diplomacy and government internships, the France Civil Service offers short or long-term internships for students, throughout France, the student acquires professional skills.

Opportunities from the French Embassy


Denise DellaRossa


A Church for the Next Generation:  Church Startup in Vienna

Develop your skills and talents in a vibrant, Catholic startup community, in the downtown of the "world’s most livable city“ Vienna.  The John Paul II. Center is a young and creative missionary project, focused on reaching secularized European society, principally by four fields of action: resource church, digital church, model church, and church planting.  For summer 2023, we offer you internship positions in the following areas:

Digital church development: Create an implementation plan in the two main areas: individual content consumption & VR experiences for personal interaction. 

Evaluation system development: Analyze and optimize the present evaluation matrix for all areas of ministry.

Financial sustainability & solutions: Analyze and optimize the present fundraising strategies and activities of the Center. 

Marketing solutions: Analyze the present marketing strategies and activities of the Center and propose effective implementation procedures. 

Church Management: Search & compare relevant church management platforms for the specific needs of the Center.

Go Overseas: Internships in Germany

Learn the tips & tricks of landing an internship in Germany! Get to know the work culture, top industries, etiquette, and what to expect as an intern from our guide, articles, and verified reviews. Land your dream internship today!

DAAD: Rise Germany

RISE stands for Research Internships in Science and Engineering. RISE Germany offers undergraduate students from North American, British and Irish universities the opportunity to complete a summer research internship at top German universities and research institutions.

RWTH Aachen: UROP International

For students interested in STEM and social science research, this internship program allows students to design a research project at one of RWTH Aachen's research institutes or labs. Students gain research and cultural experience with educational support in scientific research methods, intercultural workshops, and the German language. The length of the internship is 10 weeks in the summer months.

Cultural Vistas' Internship Program

Cultural Vistas' Internship Program in Germany provides excellent opportunities for students to gain valuable international work skills, improve German language abilities, and experience German life and culture firsthand. The deadline for application is December and internships are available in all fields.

Steuben-Schurz-Gesellschaft Society

Connecting students with employers, the SSG Internship provides on-the-job experience and an opportunity to build international leadership skills. 


Peter McQuillan


National Folklore Collection: An Cnuasach Béaloidis

One of Europe's largest oral tradition archives, the National Folklore Collection is an archive of manuscripts and photographic and audio/video artifacts. The Collection contains approximately 3 million manuscript pages, a 300,000-item card index and other computerized indices, thousands of hours of audio recordings (including early wax cylinders), approximately 70,000 photographs and drawings, and a collection of paintings. Internships allow students to learn valuable skills in digitizing, preservation, and research.


The Fíbín Theater Company, currently based in Galway and running the Irish-language theater there, works with the Department of Irish Language and Literature to provide opportunities for students majoring or minoring in Irish.


Alessia Blad-Miller


Jim Schwarten (for RGG internships)



Notre Dame Rome


Notre Dame Rome partners with local institutions, universities, and companies offering opportunities for ND students, faculty, and researchers to benefit from and contribute to the development of new knowledge in a wide variety of fields. Strong partnerships are established with the major universities in Rome, such as La Sapienza Università di Roma, Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, the Pontifical Gregorian University, John Cabot University, and LUISS University. Students may take courses, conduct a research project, or participate in an internship. The Gateway has also established partnerships with collaborating institutions, foundations, and organizations, as well as with the biggest and richest libraries in the city.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Rome Gateway offers Rome-based virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities. A way for students to contribute and develop their unique knowledge, skills, and experience to/through their work with a local organization while simultaneously building upon and/or deepening their connection to the city. Possible macro-areas include but are not limited to education/tutoring and migration. 

 Caritas Ambrosiana

Fondazione Caritas Ambrosiana (FCA) is a catholic organization working in the Diocese of Milan (a territory extended in half the Lombardia Region including the city of Milan, Rho, and Varese). The organization offers multiple volunteer opportunities that allow students to gain valuable skills in community development, study and research in social and educational issues, charity and assistance actions, and coordination of emergency assistance actions, as well as language and intercultural communication skills.


Yeonhee Yoon

This program is designed for highly qualified and motivated Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) students who are interested in research projects or advanced coursework. The Research Internship Program offers selected students the opportunity to participate in research projects or work as an intern in research centers or organizations at Yonsei University.

 Corporate Internship Program

The program offers YISS students direct exposure to global corporate settings in the heart of Seoul, Korea. Taking advantage of Yonsei University’s alumni networks and strong ties with business and educational partners, the program provides students with the opportunity to gain professional work experience and build social networks in some of the world’s leading companies and organizations. Do not miss this opportunity to advance your career during the summer. 


The program offers EISC (Ewha International Summer College) students a chance to be part of working in Seoul, Korea. Ewha Woman's University holds strong relations with global business, social, and educational partners therefore, students can take advantage of this opportunity to gain new insight and professional work experience and even build their networking skills. This summer, various companies are hosting many fun events. Do not miss this wondrous opportunity to heighten your career and personal growth. 


Noriko Hanabusa


Interactive Brokers Group

The Interactive Brokers Group Inc. is a Broker Dealer and provides direct trade execution and clearing services.


Ana Fauri for Portugal


Marcio Bahia for Brazil



SiPN/FLAD (Study in Portugal Network / Foundation for Luso-American Development

SIPN's Experiential Learning Program offers internships that "range from placements at governmental organizations, NGOs, INGOs, to for-profit companies, and research labs. Most internships do not require Portuguese language proficiency. Research opportunities are available in the various research labs that are associated with SiPN’s partner universities in Lisbon. Should the student have some fluency in Portuguese, internship possibilities are virtually endless".


Campus b - International Internship Programs 2022 and 2023

Campus b has been offering top-notch international education experiences since 2010. Over the years, nearly 300 students from 30 universities all over the world have passed through their internship programs. Students representing 24 different countries have had the opportunity to gain professional experience on an international level, making a milestone at the beginning of their professional journeys.


Tetyana Shlikhar



Keith Schaefer



Katie Oswald


Praxis Center

Praxis is an educational institution that seeks to build transformational partnerships between communities in Central America and North America for relationships of trust and mutual sharing of gifts. The Praxis Center coordinates thoughtful and ethical academic and service-learning programs in Central America, in partnership with communities. We offer internship opportunities for:

- HEALTHCARE: assisted living centers, small primary care clinics, public health, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, dentistry, rehabilitation, alcohol & substance abuse, etc.

- SOCIAL WORK/PSYCHOLOGY/NON-PROFITS: agencies and programs involved with: women, children, domestic violence, LGBTQ concerns, immigrants, refugees, substance abuse, incarcerated people and their families, etc.

- GOVERNMENT & INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES: Law offices, a United Nations Program, city governments, etc.

- EDUCATION: Schools, daycare centers, after-school programs.

- RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS: programs with children and youth, music, camps, worship leadership.

- BUSINESS: small businesses, cooperatives, larger companies, non-profits, micro-credit.

- BIOLOGY, ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES: habitat preservation, animal rescue centers, organic agriculture, forestry management.

- ENGINEERING, METEOROLOGY, PHYSICS: Alternative energy, water treatment, weather forecasting, nuclear physics research.

- INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: programming, coding, system design.

View all opportunities from the Praxis Center

NDI - Global Professional Experience Program in Mexico and Chile

Notre Dame International offers undergraduate students an international experiential learning opportunity to discover firsthand within an immersive environment how businesses and organizations operate in selected locations throughout the world. The Global Professional Experience Program places students with selected global and local companies and organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.


AIP Language Institute in Valencia, Spain

AIP Language Institute is an accredited center by Instituto Cervantes, specialized in developing successful Spanish Immersion Programs for international universities around the world. 

Center for Social concerns opportunities

Learn more about Summer Fellowship site partners and their specific requirements. Site categories include healthcare, education, immigration, social entrepreneurship and nore.